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Executive Director

Adi Sayoga, Field Director

Adi Sayoga

Adi Sayoga is the Executive Director of ProjectKalpa. He oversees and supervises all activities in the organization. His research interests are Asian studies and community-based landscape management. His work focuses on the local community empowerment.
Sayoga holds a bachelor degree in International Relations from Universitas Udayana. He is also a research team member in Jakarta-based Reality Check Approach+.

Program Manager

Adhi Pratama, Technology & Operational Director

Adhi Pratama

Adhi Pratama is the Program Manager for ProjectKalpa. He oversees and manages all current programs and projects. He also focuses on programs arrangement and programs’ report.

Adhi is a graduate from International Relations of Universitas Udayana. His research interests are gender’s rights and local politics. Currently, he is a freelancer in Translation/Interpreting service, and coaches debate in Local and Provincial level.


Research Manager

Adhe Pradipta, Research DirectorAdhe Pradipta

As the Research Manager of ProjectKalpa, Adhe Pradipta manages all research and information related to the organization’s interests. He manages all academic-related activities in ProjectKalpa, while also focuses on policy analysis and social and political impacts.

Adhe is an international-relations graduate from Universitas Udayana. His research interests are international organization and domestic policy. He currently works as Bali Animal Welfare Association.

Communication Manager

Atma Rama, Communication Director

Atma Rama

In accordance of his role as Communication Manager, Atma Rama oversees and manages all media of ProjectKalpa. His work ensures the organization’s existence, while also connects all prospective audience. He also focuses on the management of information and communication and public outreach.

A graduate of International Relations from Universitas Udayana, his research interests are economic development and animal welfare. He is also a staff at the Indian Consulate in Bali, while also acted as Communication Officer of Indonesia’s Chapter of ISKCON

Administration Manager

Sagung Masayu, Secretary-at-LargeSagung Masayu

As Administration manager for ProjectKalpa, Sagung Masayu works in managing the administrative matters in the organization. Her work focuses on organization’s management and monitoring and evaluation of ProjectKalpa’s programs.

Masayu holds a bachelor degree in International Relations from Universitas Udayana. Her research interests are labors’ rights, cultural heritage, and responsible tourism. Currently, she is a staff in Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation

Finance Manager

Indira Santi

Indira Santi works as ProjectKalpa’s Finance Manager. She supervises general financial matters within the organization, while also manages fundraising and financial report. Her research interests are community development, climate change, and cultural education.

Indira holds a bachelor degree in International Relations from Universitas Udayana. In another occasion, she also heads International Relations Division at Slukat Learning Center.

ProjectKalpa Fellow

Bagus Ariwangsa

Bagus Ariwangsa is currently in his senior year in International Relations, University of Udayana. He is a passionate student who has profound interest in historical aspects of Balinese culture. He has joined ProjectKalpa for several projects including the Youth Camp in CLBP in 2015 and Workshop for Sustainable Tourism Strategy in WHS in 2016.


Board of Advisors

Wiwik Dharmiasih

Wiwik Dharmiasih plays a significant role in establishing and shaping ProjectKalpa. She’s a lecturer at Department of International Relations, Udayana University and has written several publications in Cultural Heritage and Bali’s traditional wisdom. She played important role in nominating Cultural Landscape of Bali Province as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. She holds MA in Politics (IR) from Jawaharlal Nehru University.



Phyllis Kaplan

Phyllis Kaplan is the Founder of Yayasan Sawah Bali, headquartered in Ubud, Her focus is to conserve the existence of Bali’s traditional paddies, while also create new markets for farmers. Her mission was applauded and sponsored by locals and all important stakeholders, mainly the Regent of Gianyar where Sawah Bali programs take place.


Yunus Arbi

Yunus Arbi is the Head of Intangible Cultural Heritage, Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia. He is one of the invaluable team who proceed to put Cultural Landscape of Bali Provinces into UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. His broad range of work provides significant contribution to cultural preservation in Indonesia




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