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What We Do

Our programs vitalize the local communities, resources, and values to fulfill the mission of cultural heritage protection, conservation, and preservation.

Education and Research

ProjectKalpa provide guidance and research assistantship through collecting data, survey, questionnaire, and analysis to support the protection, conservation, and monitoring and evaluation of the Cultural Landscape of Bali Province.  


Youth Camp

Four days, three nights camping program within the Cultural Landscape of Bali Province. The youth camp includes tailored programs for ages 10-18 years old. During the youth camp participants will learn directly from local cultural practitioners. Participants will:

  • Learn about the tri hita karana philosophy and the subak system
  • Participate in farming practices and rituals in the field
  • Prepare and learn about local foods
  • Explore the local environment including visits to waterfalls, temples, hot springs, and other attractions
  • Engage in team building activities

If you are interested to join this program or to create your own tailored program please contact us here at kalpaproject@gmail.com

Participatory Mapping

ProjectKalpa believes that participatory mapping is a powerful tool for supporting the continued preservation and management of the Cultural Landscape of Bali Province. We are able to provide services to identify and analyze geographical information at different scales. We have experience in technical mapping approaches using various software and use of drones, as well as the experience in conducting complementary ground truthing, focus group discussions, and transect walks. We are continuing to work with local farmers and other stakeholders to map temples, boundaries, water sources and flows, villages, and catchment areas to support plans for subak landscape management. There is much more to map and many more subaks that would like our support. If you are interested in partnering with us to conduct joint mapping research or other mapping activities please contact us at kalpaproject@gmail.com

For past participatory mapping efforts please see here

Monitoring and Evaluation

ProjectKalpa experience in M&E focuses on ensuring that project outcomes are in line with local community perspectives. As a result we have built strong relationships with the communities we work in, especially in the CLBP. We are extremely committed to M&E approaches that can help to reinterpret programs for better development outcomes among target communities. We have experience in conducting M&E for different institutions that range from government programs to NGO projects, and in different sectors, such as sustainable tourism, cultural heritage, the environment, and landscape management.  

Our previous clients include Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia, Subak Research Centre Udayana University, and Flora & Fauna International.