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Vision & Mission

ProjectKalpa is a non-profit organization established in 2014, which aims to promote the importance and awareness of cultural and natural heritage. ProjectKalpa works hand in hand with local community, particularly farmers as the native guardian of the Cultural Landscape of Bali Province to preserve the Tri Hita Karana philosophy manifested in Subak, traditional irrigation system in Bali. ProjectKalpa also works with government agencies, research centers, and other institutions in the management system and its monitoring and evaluation of the Cultural Landscape of Bali Province.

Our Mission:

To promote the importance of cultural heritage and its conservation and protection in accordance to local values

To facilitate local capacity building by empowering their skills for better opportunities

To provide support in fostering awareness for local heritage, its conservation and protection by engaging youth and technology

To conduct research in cultural heritage, conservation, protection, monitoring and evaluation

ProjectKalpa adopts 5-C approaches in accordance to UNESCO’s Cultural Heritage Principle Guidelines:

Capacity Building

Enhancing a community’s skills, thus broadening their opportunities is our definition of capacity building. A community’s greatest resource is a skilled population empowered by critical thinking and consensus aptitude. We will help locals to uncover better practices resulting in higher standards through our personal development program, and make sure they will be on the frontier of creating a road map for sustaining their cultural heritage.


An effective program should be run by professional, dedicated, and passionate personnel. Our commitment to these qualifications confirms our credibility. Our team assures integrity in all projects by adhering to vision through collaborative and strategic guidance.


A key to sustainable heritage lies in how communities are able to devise a comprehensive plan to conserve their cultural heritage. Our program will bring heritage conservation into the forefront, necessitated by the impacts of globalization which can devalue cultural heritage.  As the primary goal, its aim is to protect the original value of the heritage.


Promoting the awareness of cultural heritage requires intensive communication, for locals and related stakeholders. Our program will help the local communities affected by cultural heritage status promote their causes and mission with clarity and strength.


Community involvement is fundamental to implementing cultural heritage projects. Community is the center of heritage awareness, enhancement, conservation and protection. It is our ethos, to ensure that all projects that we undertake will put community as the cornerstone.